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Location: Toronto, Ontario
Services: Mechanical
Markets Being Served: Multi-Use Commercial Building
Mechanical, Plumbing, Sheet Metal
Completion Date: December 2020


In this project this building is to receive a complete mechanical/electrical system upgrade along with a complete window retrofit that will improve energy performance and increased tenant comfort. A complete retrofit of this building from ground floor to rooftop is essential to achieve improved energy performance. Upon completion of this work this building will be lead certified Platinum/Gold and will represent Morguard’s investment and desire to have class “A” building in prime downtown Toronto locations.


MultiTech’s scope of work included the replacement of all of the perimeter induction unit systems (75 per floor), it also included four new gas fired boilers, new domestic water source pumps, and two new large in duct humidifiers within the mechanical room. The building also received a new rooftop emergency diesel generator, complete with new fuel oil lines. We installed new energy/water meters, VFD’s, fan motors and the replacement of supply fan coils and a new hot water system throughout the 16-floor building.
All of this work was performed after hours ensuring that all tenant had little to no disruption to their operations. All work performed at night had to be co-ordinated with the General Contractor to allow for it to start, complete, and be fully functional for the next morning.