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Location: Whitby, Ontario
Services: Spa, Restaurants
Markets Being Served: Residential Population
Civil and High Voltage
Completion Date: Spring 2021


Thermea Spa, owned by Groupe Nordik, who owns other facilities in Winnipeg and Chelsea, PQ, purchased land near Cullen Central Park for a 385,423 sq ft Whitby based spa Village consisting of multiple pools, saunas, waterfalls, and well as massage rooms and 2 restaurants . The project started in the fall of 2019 but was delayed because of the pandemic and is set to open the summer of 2021


PBW commenced work in the fall of 2019, supplying the secondary duct bank and then work was held up due to the pandemic. On the High Voltage side , grounding studies and a ground grid were supplied and then PBW supplied and installed a 44kv-347/600V padmount transformer, 50’ wood pole and 46kv gang operated load break switch complete with arrestors, fuses, terminations etc. PBW also completed the ESA HV plan review and submissions