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Location: Rexdale, Ontario
Services: Commercial
Markets Being Served: Greater Toronto Area
Civil and High Voltage
Completion Date: Spring 2021


Woodbine Racetrack is a large racetrack/casino operation in the Rexdale area of Toronto offering live horse racing and gambling facilities. PBW put in new substation in 2017 using existing transformers, new switchgear, pole lines and duct banks. This year we completed a large electrical upgrade consisting of work on pole lines, and the service/kitchen building. The total of both jobs was around $1.5mm


PBW’s work involved the civil crew completing primary and secondary duct banks, transformer vaults and pads, trenching and grounding etc. The high voltage work consisted of removing and replacing poles- working on 32 poles of an over 40 pole line, supplying 4 new poles with pad mounted transformers, dip poles, insulators and line conductors as well as a new substation for the service/kitchen building reusing existing transformers, supplying and installing new switchgear and necessary feeders and trenches