PBW High Voltage a division of MultiTech Trades Corp

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EMERGENCY 24/7 NUMBER: (905) 812-7900

---- Normal hours: reception will re-direct your call to our service group

---- After hours: call number and follow tele-prompts

Emergency service repairs

Fuse, pole, or cable replacement

Isolations and investigations

PBW Seacan Inside.png
Temporary Power

Seacan Container: pre-built electrical room

ESA Certified

Customized to fit site requirements. Adjustable throughout project.

Delivered to site, power-on-ready

Coordination with local Utility

Temporary Wooden Pole Installation for all your security camera, lighting, and power distribution requirements

PBW TLO Transformer.png
Substations & Transformers

Supply and installation

Equipment rating selection

Standard, pad-mount, tamper-proof, TLO configurations

PBW Switchgear Line-Up.png

Supply and installation

Fused Switching

Incoming feeder bays, primary metering bays

Mechanical/Electrical interlocking schemes

PBW Pole Worker.png
Terminal & Switch Poles

Fused switch poles

Transformer buckets

Wood & concrete installations

PBW Maintenance Report.png
Testing & Maintenance

Transformer turn ratio tests

Transformer oil sampling & analysis

Contact resistance testing

Cable insulation resistance testing

Clean and clear equipment of debris

Duct Banks

Conduits, chairs

Routing and configuration

Working to requirements of Local Distribution Company (Utility)

ESA Inspected

PBW Concrete Pad.png
Cast-in-Place & Pre-Cast Concrete Pads, Bollards

Utility approved pre-cast vaults

Cast-in-place, frost free foundations & pads

Bollard installation & grounding

Coordination of duct bank conduit entry points with equipment

PBW OCS Bases.png
Pole Bases

Rail: overhead catenary system (OCS) bases

High-mast lighting (100' tall)

Parking lot lighting

PBW Equipment.png

Boom (bucket) trucks, dump trucks, trailers

Heavy tension puller (for cabling)

Excavators, skid steer loaders, backhoe

Telehandler, Vermeer trencher

Fleet of pick-up trucks & vans

PBW Engineering Transformer Layout.png
Engineering: Substation & Transformer Layout

Clearances as per Ontario Electrical Safety Codebook

Verify equipment ratings to the Local Distribution Company (Utility)

Bollard layout with assoacited bonding

Connection points to ground grid

PBW Engineering Ground Grid Layout.png
Engineering: Station Ground Electrode Design

Field resistivity test

Fall of potential test

Collecting Local Distribution Company (Utility) Impedence Data

Verify 44 kV + systems after installation complete

PBW Engineering Concrete Pad Design.png
Engineering: Concrete Pad Design

Dimensions and rebar layout

Coordination of duct bank entry point

Coordination with equipment layout

Orientation and site clearances requirements

PBW Engineering Pole Design.png
Engineering: Pole Design

Selection of wood vs concrete

Coordination of back-guy positioning and frequency

Selection of concrete bases

Accessories & components

PBW Engineering Fuse Selection Study.png
Engineering: Fuse Selection Study

Fuse study to select protective primary devices

As per Ontario Electrical Safety Codebook

ESA Approved

PBW Affiliations.png

Local 353 - Linesmen, Electricians, Labourers

Local 793 - Operating Engineers

Local 183 - Labourers